By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

20 August, 2021

Slavery Remembrance Day is important to the history of Liverpool and remembering the part the City had in the Transatlantic trade of Africans sold into slavery.

An outstanding programme of events and time for reflection: an opportunity to remember and consider how we work towards the future for a more equal, just society and inclusive communities.

Gives us a chance to remember the victims of slavery, imperialism, and colonialism.

Liverpool black activist and community leader Dorothy Kuya, was integral in the campaign for the setting up of the International Slavery Museum as well as the Slavery Remembrance Day commemorations. Online events, via the museum's website -


'West Waterloo Dock played a very significant role in the City's racial history - not as a dock actually used for slaves but one that was hugely important to the City's slavemasters. As the fastest route across the Atlantic - effectively the Concorde of those days - rich people opted for the comfort and speed of the US packet ships to visit their plantations in the southern United States. Every packet ship was based in West Waterloo Dock.'

Waterloo Warehouse resident - Paul Burnell

23 August 2021  Slavery Remembrance Day.