By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

26 August, 2019

The beauty of Waterloo Dock through the vision of an Artist.

T S Lowry painted the Waterloo Dock in 1962 and the painting hangs in the Walker Art Gallery.

We welcome Alice Lenkiewicz, an artist and daughter of the famous Robert Lenkiewicz who supports the Save Waterloo Dock Campaign and is enamoured with its historical significance. She is delighted to be installed on the Docks and finds it a place of natural beauty with its wildlife and fauna. The Dock is under threat of destruction and if this happens Liverpool will loose its world heritage status in February 2020.

Alice presently has an exhibition at the Cork Gallery in Aigburth Road and is currently undertaking a project with a focus on urban environments.

Her father, the famous artist and muralist, Robert Lenkiewicz lived, what might be termed, an unconventional life. He rejected the high society art world and lived his life with his own eccentric and unique approach. He related to ordinary people and his reputation was built on his skill and genius. His murals are truly amazing. Alice's memoir of her mother and father gives an interesting insight and perspecetive.

He would shelter vagrants and people who had fallen on hard times in his own home. Similarly Alice understands the need for community; the importance of mental health and well being and the holistic approach needed to people and their environments.

Artist Alice Lenkiewicz paints Waterloo dock