By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

16 November, 2021


Liverpool City Council Plan states:

‘In Liverpool we are doing things differently’

‘We are giving people a voice…’ ‘We will utilise our diverse community assets, including the skills, knowledge capacity, resources, experience and enthusiasm of local groups and people, and listen to and work with local communities…’ (


o Our Community is under threat.

o Planning application 21F/0377 will destroy Waterloo Dock forever, for everyone.

o Nearly 4,000 people have petitioned against this project.

o All major heritage bodies oppose it.

o Leave open water space open

We simply ask the Council to listen to and work with our Community. Please walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Do you care enough about the community and where you live to take action? If so, please write to the mayor of Liverpool, your local councilors, to the commissioners and your MP Kim Johnson and SAY NO TO DOCK INFILL. Please also sign our online petition.

Community is Important - Actions speak louder than words.