By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

07 January, 2020

Two Charities join the fight to Save Our Dock

  1. Europa Nostra

“Europa Nostra UK joins the fight to SAVE WATERLOO DOCK!”

Europa Nostra has submitted a detailed and highly critical response to the Liverpool City Planning Department’s consultation relating to PA 18F/3247 (revised proposals). Stating that Europa Nostra “would strongly object and recommend refusal”, they claim that, “the proposal is contrary to the plan, adopted design guidance and national guidance and will cause harm to designated heritage assets”

Voicing “particular concerns with regard to the potential impact upon the World Heritage Site status….with the imminent threat of removal from the WHS list” Europa Nostra goes on to say that: “Guidance is clear within the framework that the heritage asset of the WHS must be considered as being of the highest form of [cultural heritage] designation and that its loss (de-designation) should be wholly exceptional.”

Europa Nostra UK is the charity that supports, the pan-European federation of Heritage NGO’s which is the Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe and the leading citizens movement to protect and celebrate Europe’s cultural and natural heritage.

  1. The Georgian Group

“The Georgian Group has also confirmed its support to the community effort to SAVE WATERLOO DOCK.”

Save Waterloo Dock was advised yesterday by The Georgian Group that they had submitted an objection to Liverpool City Planning Department to the proposal to infill West Waterloo Dock. They have highlighted that this conflicts with the guidance given in the Supplementary Planning Document adopted by the City Council in 2009. They have also noted that although East Waterloo Dock was once encircled by 6 storey warehouses, the only buildings on West Waterloo Dock were low pitched transit sheds.

The Georgian Society is an English and Welsh conservation society with the objective “to save from destruction or disfigurement Georgian buildings, whether individually or as part of a group, monuments parks and gardens of architectural and historic interest”. They focus on the period 1700 – 1840. Waterloo Dock was originally constructed by Jesse Hartley and opened in 1834.

Growing Support to Save West Waterloo Dock