By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

21 August, 2021 reports on Kim's concerns that 'previous development pales in comparison to threat from developers now the WHS status has been removed.'

Following on from Kim's visit to West Waterloo Dock and her concern about the planning application (21F/0377) to infill the dock she reinforces her concern about the threat to Liverpool's heritage by speaking out with passion and conviction.

Residents appreciated Kim taking the time to visit the Dock and listen to them. They have been campaigning since December 2018 against proposals to infill the historic West Waterloo Dock and have raised wider concerns against destructive development that threatens to wipe History and make invisible events that should never be forgotten.

'The removal of our WHS and the support and protection we had from UNESCO has left us vulnerable to profit-driven developers who continue to threaten our Citys complex history and heritage.' resident and community activist (Waterloo Warehouse and Dock).

Kim Johnson MP for Riverside - 'Revoking Liverpool's World Heritage Status is stunningly short sighted.'