By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

26 August, 2019

A visit to Waterloo Dock by the Mayoral Lead for Heritage established genuine dialogue; with Alice Bennett taking the time to listen to SWD campaigners concerns and appreciate the impact on World Heritage Status and their treasured environment if 18F/3247 is approved.

THE Save Waterloo Dock campaign had a welcome visitor recently.

Despite it being one of the wettest days of this soggy summer, Mayoral Heritage Lead Alice Bennett spent almost two hours with members of the campaign team, on a fact-finding visit to the place we all call home. She studied the site, heard about the dock’s history, listened to our concerns and talked to us at length about heritage issues and the city’s attitude to development.

So far as we know, Alice is the first person from the Mayor’s top team to visit the site since our campaign began last Christmas. She listened patiently to what we had to say and confirmed that she has a wide grasp of heritage-related issues and challenges.

On behalf of everyone involved in this campaign, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude for her time, patience and advice.

Thank you, Alice.

Mayoral Lead for Heritage, Alice Bennett visits Waterloo Dock