By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

05 November, 2019

Tony Reeves, CEO of Liverpool City Council has his say, October 2019 - source

Speaking at the UK MIPIM property summit Tony says ‘there is no secret that Liverpool is on the at risk list for WHS’ ... ‘the council takes heritage really, really seriously.’

The CEO doesn’t specifically mention the application 18F/3247, the proposed destruction of the historic west waterloo dock, but he has been warned/advised by UNESCO and Historic England that this planning application raises serious concerns and is an immediate thereat to our world heritage status.

In fact, given the Everton Stadium is not currently a submitted planning application the February deadline set by UNESCO is all about West Waterloo Dock. The Everton stadium is a distraction tactic.

On the same platform Darran Lawless, Developement Director, PEEL (landowner), introduces another distraction tactic and a negative spin that promotes fear by stating 'if you say there is no developemnt acceptable then we are all out of a job' and implies missed opportunity.

Mr Lawless says they are the 'custodians' of our heritage and he is right. PEEL currently have 60 hectares on the north shore to develop. Twenty hectares are our historic docks, which belong to the world with its unique global value. That leaves 40 hectares for appropriate development, which is underway at pace.

Let's be clear if 'account of all views of different stakholders ' is being taken then they know that:


We are for our unique dockland and it blue water spaces with plenty of scope and ideas for maximising their value along with the proposed martime developements of the new IOM and cruise liner terminal.