By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

06 May, 2022

The People say NO; The Planners say NO; The politicians say NO

In December 2018 residents of Waterloo Warehouse and Quays received notice of a planning application that would stir a quiet community into action. Residents' concerns brought them together in a packed local Neighbourhood Hall to rally against the planning application that would see off a historical Dock part of the world-renowned and unique Dock system.

Soon after Save Waterloo Dock Neighbourhood Association (SWDNA), was formed by individuals supported to represent their neighbours' concerns and objections to the planning application. One neighbour described the campaign as David vs Goliath.

Three years of opposition culminated in January 2022 as Liverpool's planning committee voted unanimously 10 - 0 against the application.

The decision had gone against the developer but despite opposition from the people, the planners, politicians, and heritage organisations they chose to appeal.

So, we are in a position, once again, to state our objection to 21F/0377; protect the Dock; our heritage; and our community with a Public Inquiry, which begins on Tuesday 10 May 2022.

Save Waterloo Dock is made up of ordinary individuals tasked with an extraordinary job.

There is cross-party support from local councillors and local MPs to oppose the destruction of Waterloo Dock as do the majority of Heritage organisations.

SWDNA has worked relentlessly, pouring over hundreds of planning documents to educate ourselves in an attempt to present valid arguments as to why any further infill of West Waterloo Dock would be destructive and wrong.

The community has endured and continues to suffer the cumulative effects of years of development and is dreading the possibility that 21F/0377 will be successful.

There’s an acceptance that the North of the City compared to the South is lagging and there is a lack of green/blue open space - Vital to the community; health and wellbeing.

Better health is related to green; blue and open space. Even more so since the pandemic. Liverpool has lost 120 hectares of open space since 2005.

"People are happier when living in urban areas with greater amounts of green space."

“They show significantly lower mental distress and significantly higher well-being" (Liverpool City Council Strategic green and open spaces review board 2017).

Yet this application will result in the neighbourhood feeling it is surrounded by suffocating concrete structures.


The people of Kirkdale have overwhelmingly said NO to this proposal


The politicians have overwhelmingly said NO to this proposal.

The Planners

Liverpool Planning Department:

Head of Planning - Samantha Campbell

Case Officer - Peter Jones

ALL recommend refusal of 21F/0377

A clear and unambiguous decision has been made by the politicians and the planners to say no and say no to this destructive proposal at our waterfront.

Public Inquiry - 10 May 2022.