By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

17 April, 2022

‘The Inquiry will open at 10:00 hours on Tuesday 10 May 2022 in the Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L3 1AH.

Save Waterloo Dock Neighbourhood Association continues to work tirelessly leading up to the forthcoming Public Inquiry. They have gained respect for their professionalism and tenacious campaigning on behalf of their neighbourhood and community, along with their considered and reasoned arguments against inappropriate, destructive development.

They continue to lobby with overwhelming support from heritage organisations and MP’s Dan Carden, Paula Baker, Ian Byrne have all added their names to Kim Johnson’s support and determination to prevent inappropriate development on Liverpool's world-renowned waterfront.

Local councillor, Dave Hanratty and central ward councillors also continue to be supportive.

We don't have to destroy the past to build a better future.

Save Waterloo Dock Neighbourhood Association (SWDNA), along with individual residents will take the opportunity to address the Inquiry, the culmination of a campaign that has continued for over three years.

The Inspectorate acknowledges that 'local residents continue to have strong concerns which will need to be addressed ...'

SWDNA and neighbours don't take anything for granted. One neighbour describes the fight as, "David versus Goliath - but we are determined to have our voices heard."

Another neighbour says "we've come a long way. It was a lifesaver during the pandemic, our only open space. This campaign has brought us together as a community."