By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

21 November, 2021

Say No to Dock Infill.

YES – to Appropriate Development

Grade II Listed Waterloo Warehouse - heritage conversion to flats

Waterloo Quay - residential new build: low rise, 4 storeys

IOM Government marine ferry terminal - under construction: low rise, 2 storey building

Say NO – to Inappropriate Development

21F/0377 planning application:

Overpowering residential and commercial development

Damaging and destructive dock infill

Weak architectural design

Lacks contextual integrity

“A high level of harm to West Waterloo Dock and the setting of the adjacent conservation area” – Historic England

“Very poor quality of proposed architecture” – The Victorian Society

“No such arrangement existed historically” – The Georgian Group

Liverpool Docks are a finite resource of great value” – SAVE Britain’s Heritage

“Inadequate …regulations for new developments …have resulted in irreversible loss” - UNESCO

Developers are putting Profits above People – and our heritage.

They said our World Heritage would be safe in their hands – WRONG.

Listen to and work with our Community – Put people above Profits - Leave open water space open.


“Do you care enough about where you live to tell people so?”

IF SO please write to the Mayor of Liverpool; your local councillors; the Commissioners; and your MP, Kim Johnson – SAY NO TO DOCK INFILL. Please also sign our petition if you haven't already

Put People above Profits