By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

24 July, 2019

SAVE - the Latest renowned and respected organisation to object to LCC's case officer, Peter Jones, about 18F/3247.

SAVE Britain's Heritage is the latest reputable and much respected organisation, a National Charity to object to the infill of Waterloo Dock.

One of our team met recently with the director of SAVE Henrietta Billings, and, Thomas Bender acting for SAVE has now submitted an objection to Liverpool City Council, case officer, Peter Jones for 18F/3247 about the plans.

SAVE is a strong voice in conservation and speaks up for the historic environment. It speaks for ‘our identity and the health of our communities’

And states:

‘If cherished, modernised and utilised historic buildings and places create social and economic benefit for all.’

Charities such as SAVE are crucial when, as they state there is a

‘underinvestment and neglect in many places. In other cases the valued heritage of places and communities is directly threatened by inappropriate and poorly considered development.’

SAVE is independent and receives no statutory funding. It supports local citizen action through its community focused casework with a strong strategy to SAVE our heritage; save buildings and landmarks from destruction and demolition. thank you for supporting in our David vs Goliath cause; People vs Power

SAVE Britains, latest to object to Liverpool City Council about the infill of West Waterloo Dock