By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

11 November, 2021

LETTER TO LIVERPOOL CITY COUNCIL, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, TONY REEVES: Save Waterloo Dock - REFUSE 21F/0377 the inappropriate development and destruction of A heritage and community asset.

A LETTER WENT OUT TO TONY REEVES THIS WEEK AND WAS COPIED TO COUNCILORS ACROSS PARTIES. A prompt response was received advising that our comments will be recorded and reported to the planning committee.

Dear Tony and all.

Save Waterloo Dock Campaign and Neighbourhood Association would like you to take the opportunity, before we reach decision time on PA 21F/037, to urge you to halt the processing and refuse this application.

This community has been resisting attempts to compromise West Waterloo Dock with destructive development since 2006.

It’s not only the community, it’s the politicians. Both former Riverside MP Louise Ellman and current MP, Kim Johnson are unequivocal in their objection to infilling the Dock and building on it. Locally both Central and Kirkdale councilors are objecting to inappropriate development on West Waterloo Dock.

Liverpool City Council has been advised by the statutory consultee, Historic England of their ‘serious concerns.’ A number of other non-statutory heritage bodies have registered their objection.

We challenge Liverpool City Council to produce any letters of support from an L3 postcode.

Back in 2013 Peel Holdings, via its heritage statement, in its outline planning permission, told both the people and politicians that were was ‘no risk’ to our World Heritage Status. They were mistaken. However, let’s move on together, shaping the long-overdue regeneration of North Liverpool and asset-based community development.

Destroying our assets and heritage for 330 residential units when Kirkdale is saturated with failed and stalled developments, particularly in the Pump Field regeneration area, is wrong.

Refusing this planning application sends out a clear message to landowners and developers - YES to regeneration but no to the systematic destruction of our wonderful industrial heritage and assets.

YES, you can develop but leave the open water space alone as we were promised.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Save Waterloo Dock Campaign

Neighbourhood Association