By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

19 December, 2019

Scottie Press - Keeping local people informed and reporting news that matters to the people, the City and nationally.

The Scottie Press is out today, get your copy at your local shops; in Vauxhall; the Eldonian; or if you are in town the local radio stations including Radio Merseyside and City.

Scottie Press reveal the scandal and wreck of failed developements in our City with 'Millions owed to local communities.'

Vauxhall appear to be at the epicentre and its people deserve better. A long standing community rich in compassion and community spirit is undeservedly suffering.

Scottie Press reveal the list of failed developments and the story behind it.

Mayor Anderson set up a scrutiny panel in August 2018, over a year ago. Scottie Press report that it was 'set to be publsihed in March 2019 , there are still no signs of release.' Whats going on? Why is no one resolving this, grasping it and doing something about it.

Richard Kemp gives his view along with Peter Kilfoyle.

Apart from the headlines the paper is scorching; packed with interesting, informative and challenging pieces. A really worthy read.

Also, on this site read the article about the Development Crisis written in August 2019.

This is happening in your community, on your doosrstep. We need answers.

Scottie Press Paper of the People Reveals the Scandal of Failed Developments