By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

06 December, 2019

An offence on sense. OBJECT TO

Who would spin this development as anything but a blot on the beautiful riverfront landscape. Already being described as a nuclear power station; army barracks; bunkers; it appears a cynical ploy by developers not at all concerned that there might be a chance of not getting the application approved. Well, this will be decided on planning policy and not by politicians pandering to developers.

How can this be in the interests of the public realm? These buildings dont improve connectivity or amenity. They destroy a historical dock, nature; a consevation area and most probably an estbished community. And it doesnt need to happen history and conservation can exist contemporaneously with development and regeneration.

Connectivity is going to happen with the IOM ferry terminal; the new cruise liner terminal and other planned development. Cycle paths are in and the Docks trails under development. Its long overdue and the Council know it. Nothing to do with this stand alone proposal first applied for last year when Peel; the Council and Romal were apparently in cahoots for months with not a whisper to ordinary residents living in the established community now under threat.